2015 Children's Justice Symposium / UPC Domestic Violence Conference

June 8 - 10


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New location this year

The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird


9600 Little Cottonwood Canyon Road, Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT 84092

Snowbird Entry #4

Speaker Documents

Bradford - Mass Causalty Response

Grunander - McNeil Almost Perfect Murder

Haggett - Mind Body Medicine Handout

Howell - DV Getting from Going to Gone

Howell - Impact of Domestiv Violence on Children

Kelly - DV Reluctant Victim

Kelly Boardman - TIVI - How To's

Laskey - Sentinel Injuries

Long Perez - Unjust Acquittal - SLC 2015

Parrish - Abusive Head Trauma_NDAA

Parrish - Bazelon SBS Faces New Questions in Court

Parrish - Chadwick Krous Irresponsible 97

Parrish - Courtrooms Shouldnt Decide Science

Parrish - Moreno Holmgren 2

Parrish - Moreno Holmgren 2013

Parrish - Narang 1

Parrish - Narang 2

Parrish - Open Letter on Shaken Baby Syndrome

Parrish - Tuerkheimer Next Innocense Project SBS Criminal Courts

Parrish - Whole Truth Slides Only

Reed - Social Media Investigations

Stewart - Open Ended Options

Stewart - Peer Review Intro Letter

Stewart - Peer Review Reference

Stewart - Rapport and Narrative References

Stewart - Peer Review Slides

Stewart - Feedback Forms (all)

Stewart - Symposium Narratives

Wilkinson - Identifying the Predominant Aggressor and Evaluating Lethality

Wilkinson - Jennifer and Todd Fact Pattern

Wilkinson - Working with Recanting Victims

Vadino - Laughing Handouts

Vadino - Stress Handouts


The Children's Justice Symposium / UPC Domestic Violence Conference is a cooperative effort by the Utah Children's Justice Center Program and the Utah Prosecution Council to provide a venue for professionals from law enforcement, the legal community, child and family protective services, Children's Justice Centers, state and local government agencies, medical and mental health professionals, community groups, educational organizations, advisory boards and committees and non-profit and fund-raising associations to gather, learn about, and discuss topics, issues and concerns related to their work.

Additionally, the conference is designed to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary communication and cooperation, and to capitalize on the benefits gained from sharing a variety of viewpoints and utilizing team approaches.

For additional information, please contact:
Laura Seklemian